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Invest in the Worldwide Marketing & Distribution of

Global Citizens' Manifesto

Compliance Check on Democracies starting with Singapore.




Hello there!

I am Shankar V aka eShan, author of Global Citizens' Manifesto that is launching at the Prestigious New Delhi World Book Fair Feb 10-18th 2024.

I am thrilled to present to you the first book in the Global Citizens' Manifesto series, an innovative and thought-provoking collection that holds the potential to be translated into all languages around the world. This ground-breaking series that represents the first authentic citizens' manifesto to be published on a global scale. While mock citizen's manifestos have been commonly presented as part of academic projects, this pioneering endeavor marks the first real-time, comprehensive manifesto by and for citizens of democracies around the world.

This manifesto is set to captivate a global audience and transcend cultural boundaries, offering valuable insights and perspectives for readers of all backgrounds. With its universal appeal, the Global Citizens' Manifesto series is positioned to make a significant impact on a global scale.  Moreover, The manifesto offers organic food for thought that can become fodder for the TikTokers & YouTubers hungry for quality content, to run their channels, furthering the attention for the manifesto, since it puts Singapore on the global radar for the first time. 

Join me in bringing this transformative vision to life and amplifying its message across diverse communities worldwide.

This significant publication reflects a unique opportunity to amplify and elevate the collective voice of people from around the world, setting a new standard for citizen-driven advocacy and social impact.

Global Citizens' Manifesto series,  is all set to become a sensation creating ripples in the world politics, Press/ News Media, Literary and Academic communities worldwide for its potential wake up call to democracies around the world for a compliance check.



The journey began with my desire to promote my initial work, "Letter to Future", at the Book Fair. However, upon collaborating with Blue Rose Publishers, the idea of publishing a new and impactful manifesto emerged, as my book can gain International attention.  Utilizing AI-based book writing software, the "Global Citizen Manifesto" was drafted within two days. Recognizing its potential, I decided to opt for rapid publishing and direct marketing strategies.

Marketing and Distribution Strategy:

My plan involves rapid publishing and distribution, bypassing traditional channels to capitalize on the sensation surrounding the book. By deploying a network of sales promoters, I aim to hit the streets and facilitate spot purchases, leveraging the heightened interest generated by the New Delhi World Book Fair and subsequently go for direct franchise distribution model pan-India.

The manifesto, born out of my passion for societal change and global citizenship, has the potential to be a sensation,  especially at a time when an ex-finance & deputy prime minister has become the President of Singapore and the Current Prime Minister of 20 years, to bow down and handover power to his deputy.


A million copies can just be sold in a month just within Singapore by adapting a Rapid Printing / Marketing scheme model, while the sensation shall drive the eBook sales worldwide.

(Each Printed copy shall have a serial no. for users to register their official copy through an app, and win prizes each week/month. This is basically to keep the spurious book makers and encourage each one to buy a copy of their own and not borrow or lend.)

Market Potential:

  • While the English edition presents a vast market, the primary focus is on Singapore, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

  • The translated editions in Indian languages & various world languages hold immense potential worldwide as the book can be stated as the first of its kind  Citizens’ Manifesto. Tamil language edition can be the next market, for it being the official language of Singapore and vast readership across Tamil Nadu state, Sri Lanka, Singapore & Malaysia.

  • The book's academic relevance in fields such as Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy further widens our market reach for translation to all world languages.


Franchise Model Potential:

Franchise Scheme too has immense potential starting with India, since there are many SOHO investors who would be ready to become franchise distributor for their local area by investing in just 500-1000 copies of the book and market it locally. 


Digital Presence and Future Opportunities:

With the potential for online sales in both print and ebook formats, we recognize the need for a robust tech and digital marketing team to handle the backend. The "Global Citizen Manifesto" not only opens avenues for future publications but also provides opportunities for business ventures and initiatives stemming from the compelling Call to Action within the book.


I believe this investment opportunity is not only financially promising but also resonates with your interest in impactful projects that transcend traditional boundaries. I am confident that our collaboration will not only yield substantial returns but also contribute to the broader goal of sparking an "Awakening for all Democracies" globally.

To fuel our growth, I am currently raising $3 Million to scale in revenue through investments which will serve as a Go-To-Market Fund to propel our direct conversion strategy. The funds will be received in Singapore, strategically positioning us for optimal market capture in Singapore, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

I would be delighted to discuss this opportunity further at your earliest convenience. Please let me know a time that suits you for a call or meeting.

Thank you for considering this proposal, and I look forward to the possibility of working together to bring the "Global Citizen Manifesto" to the world.

Warm Regards,
Shankar V aka eShan



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